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Proper cleaning and maintenance of your home or office isn’t as easy as it sounds, unless you dedicate all your free time to dusting, hoovering, scrubbing and washing. But what if someone comes and do the cleaning for you – with professionalism and enthusiasm? And it doesn’t cost you a fortune?

Our company provides affordable professional cleaning services to domestic and commercial clients across Chingford. We bring convenience and expertise, cleaning every nook and cranny, so that you can enjoy neat and clean spaces without investing time or efforts.

Professional Cleaning Services Price
Regular Cleaning £20
One Off Cleaning £21
Spring, Deep Cleaning £22

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    You can rely on us to achieve the best possible results in no time, and at any day of the week. So, whether you are located in Chingford or in the sounding area, reach us and our amazing cleaning teams will be happy to assist you.

    The cleaners working with us are carefully vetted, selected through personal interviews and background checks. Once on board, they learn everything needed for such a responsible job during our training programs. This is how we make sure that tasks are conducted with the utmost care, diligence and personal approach toward customers’ unique needs.

    Our outstanding reputation as the most popular and trustworthy professional cleaning company in Chingford keeps us constantly striving for perfection and on top of any cleaning situation. We cannot afford to fail or disappoint, and we never give up in the face of a challenge.

    We are effective and pragmatic – this is why we have incorporated these principles in our cleaning strategy, as well. Our cleaning technicians never underestimate any issue or any corner, they cover all surfaces, focusing on the dirtiest areas. They use modern equipment and expert gear that does the job much more effectively and much faster than the good old brooms and vacuum cleaners you have at home.

    Our professional cleaning services come at reasonable prices, because we deeply believe that they should be accessible to anyone. We offer adjustable rates, depending on the amount of work and your specific requirements.

    Don’t wait too long, call us today for a free quote. Our assistants will readily walk you through all the details around the wide array of professional cleaning services we offer.

    • arrow Who will carry out the cleaning?
    • Your home or office premise will be cleaned by a team of hard working and disciplined cleaning experts, competent enough to handle all kind of cleaning projects. The high results of their performance are guaranteed because we organise specialised training for them and supply them with the necessary cleaning arsenal.
    • arrow How long does the cleaning sessions continue?
    • Depending on the size of the property, we can send a team of 2, 3, 4 and more cleaners. Smaller cleaning task as carpet cleaning may take an hour and bigger once such as house cleaning – several hours. Our skilful representatives are good at prioritising and cover all cleaning duties in a quick and efficient way.
    • arrow What kind of cleaning products do we use?
    • As our mission is to deliver cleaning results that matter in the long run, we regularly explore the market for the newest cleaning solutions and supply our cleaners with the most reliable cleaning tools and detergents. The health of our customers is important for us, so we clean their properties only with environmentally-friendly cleaning materials.